Michael Dalessio. My Guest Blogger!

Before Mike became really ill, I had asked if he would like to write something up for my blog. I needed his Dalessio flare!  Thought I would share his entry with you all. Thank you Mike for writing such a touching entry! You will be forever missed.
To read more about Mike and his journey visit this website:

Hi, my name is Michael Dalessio and I’m Lindsey’s guest blogger.  You can just call me Blogger Mike.  Or, if you’re Lindsey’s Grandma Dot, Baldy Locks.  Lindsey can explain.

I first met Lindsey Ring when she was Lindsey Webber, the oldest child of Bob and Sharon Brideweser-Webber.  My wife, Diane Bagdasar-Dalessio,  grew up next door to the Brideweser clan when both families lived in Torrance.  Bob and Sharon eventually relocated to Rancho Santa Margarita and Diane and I followed a few years later.  Simple, right?

My earliest memories of Lindsey were that of a lanky, pig-tailed, ‘tom girl’ who also happened to become my daughter Megan’s first babysitter.  They were a good match – a couple of precocious blonde beauties!  Lots of stories those two could tell you – maybe someday Lindsey will share the Michelle Alexander tale.  Yikes.  I also know that Lindsey has a younger sister, Katie, and a younger brother, Bobby.  Katie and Lindsey are a year apart and share the same birthday.  Katie loves to dance.   Bobby is the baby of the family but he’s also the tallest.  From what I’ve seen, he also likes to tear it up on the dance floor.

Fast forward to January 20, 2008.  We find ourselves at the Lindsey Webber – Jason Ring wedding   ceremony held on a beautiful Oregonian evening.  Along with the seemingly orchestrated snowfall, the highlight of the evening for me was the reception.  Recently, I’ve gained a new found appreciation for hats.  As I recall, there were some very cool hats at the reception and those wearing the hats had some very cool dance moves.  Very cool.  Except for Katie – her moves were more on the hot side.  As in, “Get some more ice into that punch bowl Sharon, Katie just danced past it again!”

Fast forward one last time to Lindsey’s ‘Dalessio Family Photo Shoot’.  In a sense, I was the focus due to an unexpected change in my hair style.    Yessiree, it’s a big deal whenever a Dalessio converts to the slick domed look!  By now, you’ve probably guessed there’s a more serious reason for me becoming Baldy Locks.   I was diagnosed with cancer in late March and it has been a multi-colored journey ever since.  I have chosen to take the path of complete faith in God instead of fearing the future.  It’s been a pretty amazing journey so far in a lot of different ways.  One of those ways was reconnecting with  Lindsey and allowing her to bless us with her photography talent.  I hope you enjoy the fun shots which include the three most important people in  allowing her to bless us with her photography talent.  I hope you enjoy the fun shots which include the three most important people in my life – Diane, the love of my life; the ever precocious Megan; and the man with the hats, Jack Ryan.

Later, if you have a few minutes, feel free to visit our website on CaringBridge.org.  Just pull up my name in lower case letters without any spaces – michaeldalessio.

God Bless!

Michael Dalessio aka Baldy Locks


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